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Tongji University is one of the leading universities directly under the State Ministry of Education in China. The history of Tongji University can be traced back to 1907 when Tongji German Medical School was founded by a German doctor in Shanghai. The name Tongji suggests cooperating by riding the same boat. University has more than 100-year long history thus far, with the school motto “Preciseness, Practicality, Unity and Innovation”. It has been committing to training up high-caliber talents; most of the graduates have made outstanding contribution to our country in many fields. Besides, as the subsidiary under Tongji University, Shanghai Tongji Science & Technology Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the most well-known listed companies (stock code:600846)creating enormous wealth to the community.

Shanghai Tongji Biological Product Co., Ltd is affiliated to Shanghai Tongji Science & Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1996. As a comprehensive and professional high-tech corporation, It pursues health supplements, biological products and animal & plant extracts’ research. It works on research, production and marketing. In accordance with great scientific research strength and superexcellent reputation of Tongji University, the company has gathered lots of high-tech R&D experts from the most well-known University such as Tongji University and Fudan University. Our task is to improve the human health, and our goal is to be a first-class enterprise.

Since its establishment, the company has developed more than one hundred kinds of high-tech& high-level natural health food products and medical biological products for the public, including product series with well-known brands as Shounao which have been well trusted and supported by consumers both in China and abroad. At the same time, the Company keeps constantly innovating, upgrading, and developing the products in order to meet the market demand. Combined with diversified marketing tactics, that further consolidates the products’leading market position, and creates a corporation that be worthy of the prestigious one-hundred-year old university.

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